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    Poem: Interlude

    I feel caught up in some hazy interlude

    that never ends

    Round and round it plays

    my whole body caught up in its






    A room with no walls


    The tunnel is dark

    in the places in between

    there isn’t any light at the end

    Because there is no other side


    I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror

    And for a second, I do not recognize Her

    The split ends

    Pulse like frayed wires



    can see



    The girls,

    morphing into women,

    who have carved me open

    and turned me inside out


    I realize

    I love them

    As they suck their fingers clean


    And I notice myself whispering

    Remember this

    Remember this

    Remember this


    The interlude starts again

    Pulling like sweet fever

    She is standing next to me

    As my reflection





    Her bones settle into Her skin

    crackling when she breathes

    The body, wet and shiny

    Her eyes searching through the black



    It’s a modern innovation.

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