Poem: Words Left Unsaid

Shall I sit and think of you?

It rests heavy on my heart, so long

A love that I never really knew

But I knew, muse, I knew I was wrong


Matters of love confuse and fester

These things do trouble me so

I feel that I was the sequesterer

And I took too much and ruined you, my beau


I am blind with this sick, horrible sorrow

Of remembering you in lamplight and dark

As I wait for some lie of tomorrow

Woe, I do mourn this lark


Goodbye, goodbye gentle bird

That has nested and bested my heart

Lest this soul love you again, I hope I am heard

By the sweet spirit, blonde and tart


I am always waiting in the wings

To love you if loving is right

Though you are better matched by kings

I know, spirit, it is not right so I try with my might


To leave you.



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