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    NCWIT’s Aspirations in Computing Awards


    Are you a high school female, gender queer, or non-binary student with an interest  in computing and technology? If so, then this is the article for you!


    The National Center for Women and Information Technology (or NCWIT for short) is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all women get to have a voice in the field of computing. As part of its mission, NCWIT has a program called Aspirations in Computing (AiC). AiC’s goal is to “revolutionize the face of technology”. The program has a myriad of internships, awards, communities, and scholarships with the purpose of achieving said goal.

    Aspirations in Computing

    One award in particular is currently accepting applications! NCWIT’s Aspirations in Computing Award recognizes the computing related achievements/interests of female, gender queer, and non-binary high school students. Students are assessed based on their love for computer science, their technology/computing and leadership experience, along with their “tenacity in the face of barriers to access, and plans for post-secondary education”, according to the Aspirations in Computing website.

    The requirements to be considered for the regional affiliate version of this award are as follows: you must be over the age of 13, attend school in the U.S, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or on a U.S. overseas military base, and last but not least, you cannot be immediately related to an NCWIT staff member. 

    The Aspirations in Computing Award has three different awards at the regional level. A Regional Affiliate Award; A Regional Honorable Mention; and A Regional Affiliate Rising Star. Winners will gain access to scholarship opportunities and computing resources. They also become automatic inductees to the AiC community! I highly encourage you to apply!

    Read more about NCWIT, AiC, and each award at this website: Taking applications through November 5th.