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    When I Have a Starry Night

    when i have a starry night

    When I Have a Starry Night


    I don’t need a man

    to sweep me off my feet

    when I have the wind to do so for me. 


    I don’t need two eyes to gaze into mine

    when I have a billion stars in the sky

    to indulge in. 


    I don’t need a spot light

    given to me by a singular person

    when I have the whole moon to illuminate 

    my pale skin in.


    I don’t need someone to love

    me and only me

    when the sky is here for everyone to see

    though I might be the only one that chooses

    to see it back. 


    I don’t need another life to fuse with mine

    when my life belongs in the hands of the heavens above.

    My life, my love belongs to the sky. 


    My love belongs to the slight breeze

    that swiftly brushes my long hair 

    in front of my bright eyes.

    My love belongs to the majestic moon

    that somehow always keeps me mesmerized. 


    My love belongs to the natural,

    soothing lit up sky.


    I don’t need a man to 

    validate my existence

    when I have a starry night.




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