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9 Steps to Create the Perfect At-Home Photoshoot for Instagram

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Whether you’re stuck in quarantine, snowed in, or just don’t have any place to go, being stuck at home doesn’t have to be a drag. With the right setting, you can stage an at-home photo shoot, have a blast by yourself or with friends, and create “like worthy” content for your social media!

Follow these steps to plan out the perfect shoot so you can up your content game and see the reactions roll in!

Step 1: Create a Mood Board

Have a case of photographer’s block? Worried your photo shoot will turn out basic? A mood board is just what you need to plan out your photo shoot so your pictures say what you want them to say.

Do you want your content to be sporty, fun, artsy, extra? Think about what you want your final product to look like!

Then, just pop over to Pinterest for inspiration— look at hairstyles, poses, makeup looks, outfits, and angles. Pull your favorite images together to create a mood board that captures the feeling you want.

Step 2: Come Up with Your Caption

The best photos on social media can fall flat without a fire caption to bring it all together. Don’t wait until after the photoshoot to scramble for the right words!


Planning your caption in advance can help you steer the shoot in the right direction and decide on what props, outfits, and makeup to use.

Step 3: Pick the Props

Props can make or break a photo. The right prop can change the mood, make your photos more interactive and appealing, and help your pictures tell a story.

Books, flowers, board games, blankets— anything that shows off your personality can make a great prop.

Instax instant photo cameras make a great visual addition to any photo. Their cute, retro look stands out and draws the eye! Pop one on the nightstand if you’re shooting indoors, or on a blanket if you’re outside. Take photos of yourself holding or using your camera for an artsy twist!

If you’re ready to add levels to your photos, use your instax camera to take a picture of you or your subject. Then, take a photo of your instax print— you’ll end up with a trendy layered photo that will make you look like a content pro!

Put thought into choosing props that give an insight into who you are. Your followers will love seeing dynamic photos that stand out and show your personal flair!

Step 4: Plan Your Outfits

You want to rock your at-home photo shoot and create content that explodes, but how do you choose the right outfits to wear?

Think about the feeling you want from the shoot. What did you pick for your mood board? What do you have that nails that style? What makes sense for your setting— athleisure for a couch pose? Or a dress for a backyard garden shoot?


Pick outfits that also make you feel confident— the ones that draw compliments every time you wear them! The fearless rocker outfit, the free-spirited fun prints, or the perfect tie-dye T-shirt dress— whatever leaves you feeling like a star.

Don’t forget the accessories! Add on a bucket hat or a cute pair of sunglasses to complete the ensemble.

Step 5: Do Your Hair and Makeup

When it comes to hair and makeup, stick to styles you already know. This will keep your photo shoot moving and leave you feeling confident and ready to pose!

Make sure your hair and makeup have the same style— spunky, casual, sporty, artsy. You want everything to look cohesive and well-thought-out!

Match your style to the aesthetic you want from the shoot. Remember, you’re telling a story with your photoshoot— make sure all the elements contribute!

Step 6: Shoot in Good Lighting

The right lighting is key for quality photos. You want your face to be fully lit. If you have a window or a great space outside, natural light is always a win!

If not, use lamps or ring lights to brighten your face and avoid shadows. Make sure your props are well-lit too. You want every piece of your setting to pop! If you’re having trouble looking for good lighting or don’t have the equipment to do so, don’t worry so much. You can still also use an editing tool to add effects your photos, increase the brightness, adjust the colors, etc. and make them better.

Step 7: Take Lots of Photos

For an at-home photo shoot, more is more. Take as many photos as you can, changing poses and facial expressions.

Even Zendaya and Millie Bobby Brown can’t take the perfect photo in one go every time! The more pictures you take, the more you’ll have to choose from. You can delete the ones you don’t like and choose your favorites!

Plus, the more pictures you take, the more relaxed you’ll be, and the more fun you’ll have! That will definitely show in your pictures, so give yourself plenty of time and change it up.

Step 8: Upload to Instagram

Once you’ve picked your favorite photos, upload them using filters that go with your vibe, the caption you created, and hashtags that fit your shoot.

When choosing your filters, think about your grid— are you a color queen? A vintage vixen? Or a boho babe? Pick similar filters that look cohesive and appealing. You’ll create a “brand” around yourself and paint the picture you want to share with the world!

Confidence is Key

The most important thing to remember is to have fun and be confident! Photography is all about the experience.

With the right planning and preparation, your photo shoot can be a blast and give you instagrammable content that is sure to impress!


This article was written by the INSTAX Brand Team. The INSTAX team is dedicated to helping people experience life more fully with their instant cameras. INSTAX wants to give individuals a tool to create, express, and share their memories. Learn more about INSTAX cameras, printers, and film here.

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