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5 Reasons Your Tastes May Change As You Get Older

Once upon a time, you may have felt like you were at the front of the latest fashion. You might have even been a trendsetter in your little group of friends. However, this often doesn’t last forever and you may have noticed recently that your tastes have changed dramatically since you were younger. You might still look good and you still love your wardrobe, but it’s a far cry from what you used to wear. So why could that be?

You’ve Grown Up

The simplest reason for your changing tastes is simply that you’ve grown up. You’re not wearing the same clothes you did in your teens and early twenties because you cannot fathom why you dressed that way, to begin with. You may have sworn by the styles of young Hollywood a decade ago, but just like the starlets, you’ve grown up. Your fashion choices reflect someone who is more confident and comfortable in their skin who’s happy to mix and match, and that’s something to celebrate.

Real Life Trends Change

It’s understood that clothes naturally go out of style, and this often comes in waves and cycles (so expect the same fashions to come back around in twenty or thirty years). As someone who considers themselves fashion conscious, you are aware when clothes stop being cool, so you have adapted your wardrobe. You might not care about being the trendsetter anymore, so you’re happy to embrace new styles but still put your unique spin on them where possible.

Your Lifestyle Has Shifted

As you get older, your priorities change, and your lifestyle will adjust as a result. You start dressing more like the person you are rather than the person you want to be because you’re not as bothered about styles anymore. Furthermore, finishing high school or heading to college means you are likely to dress in clothes that make these factors easier to manage.

Your Body Shape Is Different

Your body will also grow and change as you get older, so you might not want to dress the same way you did as a tween or teenager. Instead, you know how to dress for your body type to still feel confident and make any outfit look as good as you want. You don’t feel comfortable wearing the clothes you unearthed at the back of your closet (and can’t imagine why you ever wore them), so you invest in new clothes that make you look and feel good.

You’re Looking For A Fresh Start

People can sometimes completely change their style because they feel they need a fresh start. This can be minor changes or something more extreme that promotes self-expression. The same goes for jewelry, which is why some day, in the future you may want to shop for beautiful engagement rings to replace your current accessories that were always supposed be be placeholders, anyway.


Everyone’s tastes change as they get older, whether due to maturity or lifestyle adjustments that demand changes. Whatever the reason, there’s no need to be alarmed that your taste has changed. If anything, it shows proof of your growth and adaptability to look good even as fashion constantly evolves around you.

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