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21 Dance Must Haves

Here is a list of items that I, as a dancer, think are essential to surviving long rehearsals and days at the studio. These items are great for any aspiring athlete, but they are also good for all sorts of other things!

  1. Warmups (like leg warmers, a puffy vest, or a light sweater)
  2. A muscle roller
  3. Tiger balm
  4. A Theraband
  5. Extra tights/leotard
  6. Snacks (bananas and trail mix are my go to)
  7. Makeup wipes
  8. Deodorant
  9. Bandaids
  10. Hair pins and a brush
  11. Hairspray
  12. Dance socks
  13. A notebook and pen to write down corrections
  14. Second skin squares for blisters
  15. Warm up booties
  16. A phone charger
  17. A book for breaks
  18. Hand sanitizer
  19. An extra mask to put on if yours gets too sweaty
  20. Icy hot patches
  21. Epsom salt baths for when you get home


Dania A, also a dancer, also compiled a list for dancers all about dealing with dance related pain.

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