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April 2018

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    Feminine-hood: A Poem

    Come dwell in our energy
    Sit with us
    Come feel our power
    Sit with us
    Come understand our struggles
    Sit with us
    Come to also praise our becomings
    Sit with us
    Come exist in our world
    Sit with us
    Then tell your world of our capabilities
    Sit with us
    Attempt to decipher our brains
    Sit with us
    Until you realize we are not man-made
    Maybe then you won’t manhandle us
    Sit with us
    Come join our internal revolution
    Sit with us
    Come see us begin again
    Come see us live again
    Come find your soul within us
    Come feel the connection between us
    Because it is in our feminine-hood where all our truths lie.

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