Local Ideas to Help Beat Summer Boredom

Local Ideas to Help Beat Summer Boredom

The long awaited Spring Break has come to an end and with that comes the mark of the end of the school year. We’re over the hill for the school year, the sun is staying out longer and sno cone stands are re-opening – summer is almost here and I can practically smell the sunscreen already. However with summer comes a lot of “what should we do today”s and nothing is more frustrating than the boredom that looms after you’ve overstayed your welcome at the pool. We all hit that standstill of ‘well now what?’ when your sunburn is getting a little too third degree for you to lay out for the fifth day in a row. Here are some ideas to help you keep your summer vacation from stalling out:


Ingram Farms: This is one of Tuscaloosa’s best kept secrets if you have a sweet tooth. After being in the sun all day and craving something with a little more punch than a sno-cone, come to Ingram Farms for a scoop of Mayfield or Blue Bell ice cream. The only downfall is it’ll ruin your dinner and cause you to crave an Ingram Farms visit every hot day.

Steel City Jump Park: When you’re bouncing off the walls but stuck inside because it’s one of those annoying afternoon summer showers, jump (quite literally) over to Steel City Jump Park. It’s one of the indoor trampoline parks must of us have secretly been dying to go to and summer gives you the time to do it. It’ll also help you work on that ‘summer body’ with all the excessive jumping doubling as cardio. Channel those old gymnastics routines and try out some rusty cartwheels. You could also set up a trampoline at home!

Vulcan Trail: Vulcan Trail looks like it belongs on an ad for granola bars or Patagonia it’s so beautiful. It’s one of Alabama’s gems in the nature department and is perfect if you’re yearning for a good view (or a good Instagram). Sunny days provide the perfect excuse to catch some color that isn’t poolside and can get your mom’s steps in on her FitBit.

Tuscaloosa River Market Farmer’s Market: Even if it’s a bit of a journey to travel from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa for average grocery shopping, this is one trip that’s worth it. The produce is locally grown and even the honey is local. You can shake hands with the men and women who grew your food! Also you could even find some price steals on homemade jewelry for some early back to school shopping. The pies are enough to have you returning the next Saturday.

Regions Field: Speaking of pies… what’s more American than apple pie and baseball? Ask your summer beau to take you out to the ball game and buy you some cracker jacks (I hope you read that in the tone of the song). Or maybe round up your friends and head to the field to giggle over the players and snag a pic with Babe Ruff.


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