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August 2016

  • Artwork


    Artist Statement

    This work is called “Full Moon with a Breeze” in oil pastel. I was inspired by the night sky when my family and I drove out to the country to visit some friends. There was a soft breeze and so many stars could be seen.  I tried to include these elements my dotting the dark area of my drawing with white oil pastel. I added a giant, off-centered full moon and some dark, mysterious clouds. In my moon, I used colors that normally wouldn’t be seen in the moon. I made this for my Mom, who taught me how to use oil pastels.

  • Defining Success

    Defining Success

    I believe I hold the world record for taking the fastest showers. Shampoo. Conditioner. Soap. Rinse and Repeat. All under two minutes…

  • Refugee Crisis

    Refugee Crisis

    The world today is facing a refugee crisis of record numbers. Millions of people have been displaced due to violent conflict in…

  • Artwork


    Artist Statement I recently decided to start painting again after putting this hobby on hold for a couple of years in order…

  • Are the Olympics Sexist?

    Are the Olympics Sexist?

    The 31st Olympics have been going on in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil these past few week and women, young and old, have…