Refugee Crisis

Refugee Crisis

The world today is facing a refugee crisis of record numbers. Millions of people have been displaced due to violent conflict in their home country. In 2015 alone, more than one million people have fled to Europe. At this moment, there are over 60,000 refugees trapped in Greece. This summer, I had the opportunity to visit Lesbos, an island home to many refugees, and learn more about the refugee crisis. After meeting with volunteers, locals, and government officials, I decided to chronicle my events and opinions on a blog. The blog documents the refugee crisis through pictures, interviews, opinion pieces, and poetry. Over the years, as violence escalates and innocent people loose their lives, one word seems to unite communities.

Regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or tribe, communities strengthen due to intense tragedy. In the midst of this darkness, one word always seems to bring light to a grieving community: solidarity.

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