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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow Right now!

With COVID-19 cases rising and the need to stay inside greater than ever, I’ve been spending a lot of time on social media. For the good or for the bad, I can’t stop. It gives me an escape from being at home. I was privileged to have spent the fall of 2019 studying in Paris which led to travel across Europe. I spent the summer before that in Greece, working and traveling. Home is great, but home isn’t the same. 

At the same time, social media is a way to connect and to communicate. Social media connects us to anyone around the world instantaneously! Social media has been a great way for me to stay up to date about events, issues, and movements happening around the world. Obviously, limiting your time and content from social media is important, but it is also a great way to take a moment and to learn. Here is a list of 10 Instagram accounts to follow now (other than GirlSpring) and why I like them! 

  1. @soyouwanttotalkabout
    1. This account features helpful infographics about important political and social justice issues such as “defunding the police”, “apoliticism”, “cultural appropriation”, “body image” among many other topics. They feature quick, helpful information that can provide a basic understanding of important issues! They’re also great to share on your personal social media to spread awareness. 
  2. @thedogist
    1. I love dogs…I have 3. Most of the pictures on my phone are ones of my dogs. If you also love dogs, this account boosts my day with pictures of adorable dogs! They feature a new dog in each post with a little bit of information about each dog. 
  3. @nathanwpylestrangeplanet 
    1. They create adorable, funny comics about anything and everything. His comics revolve around alien-like creatures and their day-to-day habits. It’s so funny to imagine what a world would be like if you lived as an alien lifeform. They’re adorable little 4 picture boosts for your day! 
  4. @humansofny
    1. You’ve probably heard or seen their posts. They feature little snapshots into people’s lives around the world. Their posts can be funny, sharing crazy and wild stories of people’s lives. Some of their posts are sad realities. But what is so beautiful about their account is the look into other people’s lives and the connections you can establish with almost complete strangers.
  5. @dietprada 
    1. This account features stories about fashion & designers. They expose how some of the world’s biggest names in fashion copy from smaller designers. They’ve also exposed how those same designers appropriated from other cultures as well as how their companies are racist. It’s a great insight into how the fashion industry can be problematic. At the same time, it also highlights smaller, POC fashion designers & brands to buy from instead! 
  6. @theconsciouskid
    1. Their account is focused on antiracist resources geared towards families and children. Their Instagram features examples of great books about how to navigate racism as well as infographics on issues of race, gender, microaggressions, white privilege, etc. They are a great starting point to learn how to educate yourself on these issues as well as share the information with your friends and family! 
  7. @blklivesmatter
    1. This is the official Black Lives Matter Instagram page. Follow this page to learn information about what the BLM chapters are doing and how you can get involved. They provide up to date information about issues surrounding Black Lives Matter. 
  8. @sovegan
    1. This Instagram account features great, delicious vegan recipes! I love looking at their account to get inspiration for what meals I’ll cook or think about cooking. Their recipes look delicious, are healthy, and seem pretty easy to make. They also have a cookbook called One Pot Vegan if you want to buy it!
  9. @travelandleisure
    1. I miss being able to travel and explore. This account features beautiful pictures taken by professional and amateur photographers around the world on their page. Their account lets me drift and escape into the beauty of other places. 
  10. @foodinsider
    1. A great account to follow for fun tips, videos, and pictures of food. They feature delish recipes as well as crazy, outlandish looking food. From Tik Tok food hacks to how to cook the perfect pancake, their account explores all the delicious, fun sides of food around the world.

Zoë Zahariadis

(she/her) Charter member of GirlSpring's teen leadership group, the Springboarders, as a teenager. Now, a senior at Vassar College and is majoring in Political Science/French & Francophone studies with a minor in Women's Studies.

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