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Writing: Every Girl Needs a Father

Most People only lose one in a lifetime, but I’ve managed to lose two.

My reason for being, gone.

People have always said you can’t miss what you never had.
However in my head you were gone but never forgotten.
Your presence in my mind always sparse but the proof of your existence haunts me in my everyday.
My features will always have some resemblance of you, and with my personality resembling yours, people are always quick to blame you for my faults.
Your absence was a blessing because it allowed for better things to enter and show me how to handle the challenges of life.

So when I lost another one there was nobody to blame but myself
My selfishness and inability to communicate pushed the better things out my life.

But it hurts because I still remember the good times.
The times where you’d mess with me just to see me laugh
The Random games and jokes only known to us
The songs we sing that brought us closer together
Conversations that made me feel like a better person

All of it because of you

But now you don’t look at me
We can’t talk
We can’t connect
We’re like strangers with fates that are intertwined until 7,000 days are up

and 5952 of those days are up and because of me the rest might be spent without you

They say every girl needs at least one but now it feels like I have none

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