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Poem: Where Was It Supposed To Be

This will not make much sense,

but everything that was here

is not here with me.


What if it was here with me?

What if I was there with it?

How much would it take for me to get it back?


I could get it back.


It would engulf me in its arms,

but let me go out to play when I am bored.

It would give me the time I need to think,

but take me out for midnight strolls to breathe.


I know where it is.

And I could be there with it.


I would grow,

grow to be dependent.

Be by its side,

for it realize that I am there.


Let it take time to see that I am here,

Let myself take the time to notice that.

Register it in my head a billion times

Just for the end to tell me that I still did not get it.

That I did the whole process wrong.



What happened to it?

Was it not where it was supposed to be?


To me,

it still does not make sense.

Annie Hu

Hello I'm in 10th grade, I like to create art including, but not limited to, digital art, traditional, and photography.

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