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The Tale of Social Media

What do we do this for?

For support or views?

For money or is it fame?

Low numbers annoy us

High numbers destroy us


With every like and comment, we’re poisoned

The after-effects are quietly sung

You say “it keeps me connected”

I say you fear being left astray

I get it you just want to feel accepted

Liking pictures with faces made of clay

That’s because you’ve already been injected


Viewing compliments that are so fake

Soon you can’t live without it

Then you can’t escape


Congrats you now fit


Now an actor rehearsing before a theater

I bet your followers can’t help but adore

Does that make you a fictional character?


Wait! What’s the score?!

Cue the crying violins!

As you please strangers who continue to hate

Depression wins

Yet they don’t care about your mental state


Sorry I didn’t mean to offend

I just refuse to pretend

But before you ignore

Let me ask my question again

What do we do this for?

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