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What Color Polarized Lenses Should You Get

Written by Alex B. Kingsbury

The public’s growing awareness of the sun’s harmful effects has led to the creation of many preventive innovations. Specifically, many studies have pointed out that its ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause eye deterioration and even vision loss in severe cases. Due to this, the demand for protective eyewear has steadily increased over the years. However, a Grandview Research report notes that within this $28 billion market, polarized lenses are expected to be the fastest-growing segment between 2023 and 2030.

The popularity of polarized lenses stems from the unique benefits they provide. While a post entitled ‘Sunscreen for Outdoor Athletes’ guides you through adequate UV protection with sunscreen and sunglasses, polarized filters not only filter UV but are also designed to improve your vision when outdoors. They have special colored tints that can enhance visual clarity under different conditions. Each color is meant for a specific activity and environment. Below is a quick guide to help you determine which polarized lens tint fits your needs.


Brown tint

Brown-tinted lenses work best for cloudy conditions and environments with low light. Their color increases brightness, allowing for better contrast and distance measurement. Additionally, they help with reducing eye strain. They’re suitable for everyday use, but they’re especially recommended if you drive a vehicle since they heighten the contrast against landscapes and skies for heightened road safety. Additionally, brown tint can also be beneficial among fashion-conscious individuals, as the color is subdued enough to easily coordinate with your outfit. Whether you wear bold, striking colors or go for muted tones, brown-tinted lenses won’t compromise your unique style and fashion sense.


Yellow tint

Yellow-tinted lenses are meant for hazy conditions, but it is also the preferred tint of some outdoor athletes like golfers and baseball players since yellow improves contrast and depth perception. This way, players can easily spot balls and follow their trajectory against the greenery or the sky. Additionally, Oakley sunglasses are specially designed to not only improve performance but also transform the athletic experience itself. The outdoor-oriented eyewear brand’s Prizm Polarized lens options use dyes that manipulate the light that hits the lenses, allowing both professional and everyday athletes to see all the details they need for their chosen sport.


Blue tint

Apart from being fashionable, blue-tinted lenses are recommended for colder climates. They make the surroundings look more vibrant by helping wearers with their color perception. They’re commonly used during the winter to reduce snow glare, which is why many winter sports athletes wear them. As a key player in the polarized lens market, Persol’s eyewear selection includes stylish blue-tinted lenses from their Steve McQueen collection. The Hollywood actor famously donned the Persol 714 while filming the 1968 film The Thomas Crown Affair.


Red tint

Many would be surprised that the often quoted “rose-tinted” glasses are mostly used for performance eyewear. Red or pink-tinted lenses help wearers better understand depth of field, and they’re used primarily for enhanced road visibility. Their color also filters out bright light glares that can trigger headaches. As such, they’re most suitable when driving or cycling. FramesDirect accommodates red-tinted lenses for most of their performance eyewear frames. One of their more popular models is the Smith Embark, which is durable against heavy impact.


Grey tint

Grey-tinted lenses are often recommended for general use. They’re regarded as multi-purpose since they don’t alter your vision severely. Unlike other tints meant to enhance color or contrast, grey tints are for those who want to perceive colors correctly, making them great for everyday outdoor activities. They also reduce glare, so you can use them when driving down wet roads or going on a nature hike. You can find many world-famous brands on LensCrafters, including Ray-Ban. Their iconic mirrored aviators, made famous by Tom Cruise in the beloved 1986 film Top Gun, can be fitted with grey-tinted lenses.

As shown, tinted lenses are beneficial for many types of activities and conditions. Use this guide to determine which one works best for you.

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