Artwork, Poem


Talking and cries of glee
Melodies that reach my ear
So sweet and so sad
They are noises that I cannot describe
For they are noises I have not yet heard
I smell the oceans and forests
Extravagant smells at street markets
The sour, the sweet, and the bitter
Candles that melt and go out with a whiff
The burning of wood
The digging of dirt
I smell fresh produce and pureness
And the smell of old books
Bound in leather and a layer of aged dust
But this is not all, I fear
I feel joy and happiness
Wonder and curiosity
My curiosity leads me places
Places where I cry and laugh
I have not been to these places
My feet have not touched the ground there
This feeling has led me to a deep desire
And now here I am, in front of you
Not wanting to say goodbye but I must
This desire must happen
It must
I’m excited and nervous
And ready with my bag
With a kiss and a hug
I’m heading for the door
I won’t be gone for far too long
But it will be a while
Till I see your face
And you see mine
I will write
I will call
I must go on
To see the wonders I have been dreaming of
To hear the noises I have been thinking of
To smell the things that I have been hoping of
And to feel the emotions that I have been imagining of
Now I bid a farewell
And make my way
Towards the meaning of life
And why I am here

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