Top 5 Classic Christmas Movies

It is that wonderful time of the year, Christmas time! The time of year where we can build a snowman, drink hot chocolate, and my favorite thing to do during this season, watch Christmas movies! But some of my all time favorites are the classic movies. So in light of the season, here are my favorite classic Christmas movies!

#5: Miracle on 34th street

This is one of the best feel good Christmas movies that I have seen. Just imagine Santa Claus in court trying to prove he is Santa Claus! It is hilarious, sweet and just a great movie to watch while putting up your Christmas tree!

#4: Christmas Carol

Okay so this one is a bit complicated. The Christmas Carol is a book written by Charles Dickens and has been adapted by many people into movies. My family and I favorite adaptation is the Muppets Christmas Carol. They somehow take a serious book and turn it into a sweet and funny story!

#3: White Christmas 

This is probably the most famous Classic Christmas movie out there. Everyone knows the song “White Christmas” and everyone has at least heard of this movie. It is fun and has some of the best songs from a movie I have heard. It has a great story and a wonderful meaning.

#2: It’s a Wonderful Life

This is my sister’s favorite Christmas movie. It is a movie full of love, hope and humor. It has a wonderful message to everyone. It is full of family, and friendship. It is a wonderful movie to watch with family! 

#1: Christmas in Connecticut

This is my all time favorite Christmas movie! It is hilarious, sweet, awkward, and just awesome. It has everything a Christmas movie should, snow, good food, and an amazing scheme! It is by far the best movie to watch during this wonderful season!

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