A Christmas Carol: The Remix

Once upon a jingle bell, there was a woman named Katherine and she hated Christmas. Crazy right! I didn’t understand at first either. Katherine has hated Christmas for as long as she can remember, but one day that all changed. 

We start our story on December 24, Christmas Eve. Katherine had just woken up and put on a cup of coffee and remembered her parents were coming. Kathrine hurried to put her decorations up (mind you, Katherine hated Christmas decorations, she just put them up to get her parents off her back) Katherine got dressed, and by the time she was done her parents were knocking on the door. Katherine opened the door to see her parents with a butt load of gifts. “Mom, I don’t need this”, “Of course you do” Katherine’s father replied.

“Don’t be the grinch this Christmas.”

Katherine rolled her eyes at her mothers’ remark. “Why do you hate Christmas anyway?“ this was the first time someone asked Katherine that question. She was stumped. “I….I don’t know.” Everything went quiet after that response. They then went about their business as though nothing had happened. Her parents were good like that. Katherine on the other hand could get that out of her mind. Why didn’t she know? Katherine ended up pushing her parents out of her apartment. She needed to think. This locked on to her like a leash. Suddenly Katherine remembered a card for a therapist her friend gave her. Kat rummaged through her drawers until she finally found the business card. Uma Roberts, come anytime any day we are always free and open. Odd Katherine thought, but she went anyway.

The address on the card led her to a huge building. She walked inside and by the elevator was which business was on which level. What she was looking for was on the 12 levels. She stepped inside the elevator and it started to go up. I guess I pressed it. Katherine thought. When she reached the twelfth the smell of incense hit her. She usually hated that smell but it smelled good. She walked in to see colorful tapestries and lounge chairs. “How may I help you?” Kat turned to see a friendly elderly looking woman. “Hi yes, umm I’d like an appointment. Uhh now? If possible?” “Of course. Follow me.” The woman’s voice was calm and collected. A drastic change to Kat’s energetic parents.

The woman led her to an orange door and behind it was the psychologist?

She didn’t look like a psychologist. She was a plump woman with long dark hair. “Have a seat Katherine.” “How do you know my name?” “You told me remember?” “No I don’t” “why don’t you lay down?” “Ok” Katherine warily layers in the huge sofa. “So what’s been troubling you?” “Well, I hate Christmas, I absolutely despise it, loathe it and I don’t know  why.” The woman put her hands on my temples. “Why don’t we look deep in your mind.” “Wha-.” Before Kat got to speak her mind on the whole situation she was…well she didn’t know where she was. “Where am I?” Kat asked. “In the past, your past.” “Ahhh!” Kat screamed. “What did you do to me?” “You came to me remember.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.” “Look.” The psychologist pointed to a girl with an old man. It took Kat a while but she realized that girl was her and her late grandfather. “That’s my grandfather….he’s dead.” “This is the past remember.” I turned back to see my grandfather and I decorating a tree, and more great memories and all on Christmas. Then suddenly the light dimmed and my grandfather was in a hospital bed and I was beside him bawling my eyes out. He was gone I thought. I rubbed my eyes. I was crying. A lot. “I guess I just buried it. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry grandpa.” I continued to sub and when I rubbed my eyes again, I was back in the office and my eyes were dry. “Can I pay you?” I asked “No of course not. This is on me.”

“Thank you!” Katherine said and rushed out. Katherine didn’t quite feel the Christmas Spirit but she knew she would in time. In time.

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