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Top 5 Best Online Shops for School Parties

Struggling to find a dress for your first high school dance? No worries, we’ve all been there at one point in our lives! Throughout the course of my freshman and sophomore years, my friends and I have online shopped in a series of stores for events such as homecoming and team banquets. Consider these options as you look for the perfect outfit! 


The first homecoming dress I’ve ever purchased was from Lulus. Lulus has a variety of options for dresses both long and short. Their styles range from formal to casual, with patterns that are monochrome, lace, and floral. Apart from dresses, Lulus additionally sells shoes and heels that fit well with your outfit! The store is also well-known for their fast-shipping techniques and well-packaging. 

Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky is known as one of the best places for teen girls to shop for dresses that make you stand out. Their styles are unique and trendy, and their dresses are often showered with sequins and bright colors such as hot pink! If you’re looking for a fun but stylish dress for the day, consider Lucy in the Sky. This store furthermore sells accessories such as earrings and rings. 


Windsor is overall quite similar to Lulus in terms of their dresses and patterns; however, their clothing is often slightly more revealing. This can be easily fixed by perhaps wearing a coat over your dress for part of the night, but it all depends on what you are comfortable with. As a side note, the color palette for Windsor is typically composed of warmer colors as compared to Lucy in the Sky. If you are looking for a more mature look for your event, Windsor would be the best place for you. 


Dillard’s is an online store for many articles of clothing for both men and women. Despite this fact, they also sell dresses for parties that may be the perfect fit! Dillard’s sells a combination of dresses that you may find in any one of the stores listed in this article. If you aren’t sure what style you are looking for or other accessories to pair with your look, Dillard’s would be the best place to start. 

JJ’s House

JJ’s House was designed specifically for dresses on formal occasions such as weddings and fancy dinners. However, their clothing options are very elegant and well-fit for events such as banquets and award ceremonies. As a consequence, their dresses are often priced highly with most sold at around 100 dollars. If you would like a modest look for the evening, JJ’s House would be an awesome option, but make sure you consider the budget!

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