Top 10 Best Things To Do During The Fall

Go pumpkin picking

What would fall be without pumpkin picking. The epitome of fall and especially October, Pumpkin picking has always been a highlight of my fall season. I highly recommend going to a giant pumpkin farm, especially with your family or friends, and spending hours walking through choosing the best pumpkins. My favorite part is always been that not all the pumpkins are just orange, you can choose white ones and even yellow wants to spice up your house in the fall

Throw a Friendsgiving

What is better than spending time with your friends? I highly recommend this, every friend can bring something to someone’s house, whether that be a treat or savory dish. This is also a great way to spend time with your friends, and even play games and tell each other what you are thankful for!

Make haunted houses

Although this one may not be super popular, similar to gingerbread houses for Christmas, you can buy haunted houses to decorate from the grocery store. I find this to be one of the best things to do during the fall, as it is a great way to get creative with your friends, family, or even your siblings and have a friendly competition.

Decorating your house for fall

One of the best things about fall is decorating, and going outside and getting a lot of fun decorations from nature. Whether this be some fun leaves or some other items, it is always fun to decorate the house with your family, and always make the house more joyful by bringing in nature.

Carve pumpkins

Of course, what would October be without carving pumpkins? Everybody’s tradition, get together with your friends, and have a pumpkin carving competition. I think the best way to do it is to get in teams, choose a picture out, get some tools, and spend a long time doing it and see who wins. There is nothing better than some friendly competition.

Have a board game night at someone’s house

Whilst you may be able to do this one and any month, I think fall is the best month to have a game night. These can be any games, games That you love, your friends love, and games that you love playing together. Again getting in teams and making it fun and competitive is always a great idea. Especially having hot chocolate, cuddling up on the couch by a fire, and enjoying the fall weather outside and each other’s company.

Work on a soup recipe

What’s this may not be extremely obvious, for all the chefs out there I think fall is the most perfect time to perfect a specific soup recipe. Soup is by far the best food to have during fall, there’s nothing better than a cold day and having some warm food. Using this time to research, and come up with an awesome soup recipe to make for family and friends is a great use of time especially if you love the kitchen.

Go on a hayride

Hay rides are always fun especially if you have younger siblings, this is the perfect autumn time activity, especially for those who love going to the farm and spending time outdoors.

Bake some pumpkin bread or yummy fall treat

Whilst you may not be a big baker, this is a fun and interactive thing to do with your mom or your dad, or even your grandparents, and siblings you can add some fun flavors like chocolate chips, or fruit. This is something that is not complicated but it is extremely delicious!

And of course, set up your Halloween decorations

Even if Halloween is over, you may even be able to set up your Christmas decorations a few weeks after Halloween is over. The best thing about fall is you have all the great holidays Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas time, all fun things to celebrate and decorate. This is even a great way to have some friendly competition with your neighbors. 


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