Tips on How to Stay Healthy For Flu Season

Tips on How To Stay Healthy For Flu Season

There are few things worse than being bedridden during boring daytime television talk show. With no appetite, but a mother that demands you eat; the smell of chicken noodle soup can end up making you gag by the time you recover. And constantly doing that dance of shuffling and hovering between the toilet and trash can leave you irritable at best and back problems at worst. The flu is so bad, it almost causes you to feel FOMO for school.
Lately since the flu has taken on epidemic proportions and has even grown to such serious circumstances that its taken lives: avoiding the gnarly sickness has become a concern. This year the flu shot wasn’t nearly as effective as normal and when you’re immersed amongst a sea of sniffling peers at school, these two factors can weigh heavily on your chances of catching the flu.
Here are some ways to avoid bedridden and nauseous because even Algebra is more appealing than that:
1) If your friend starts to complain about any symptoms, stay a safe distance away. Tell her you’ll send her an edible arrangement but no more sharing Diet Coke at lunch. Even if she writes it off as ‘oh it’s just a cold’, seriously stay back. I’m sure the plague really took off because someone went to a public area and said ‘oh it’s nothing’.
2) Wash your hands. This should be a natural, human instinct, but well some people haven’t got that habit mastered quite yet. So you can go back to being unsanitary after flu season, but until then wash those germs away!
3) If you feel any form of coughing, runny nose, stomach troubles – tell your mom and head to the doctor. Don’t put it off or chalk it up to allergies.
4) Don’t share food or drinks with people. This is the ideal time to be selfish with the dessert you packed in your lunch when someone asks for a bite.
5) Be aware of your surroundings. If someone is constantly coughing or turning green, maybe move seats for the day. I’m not saying be a germaphobe and reprimand a stranger for yawning near you, but definitely don’t be afraid to get some personal space when the dude beside you starts hacking up a lung.


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