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Things to Start Doing This Year for Yourself

Things to do for your mental health

After the last year and the pandemic is important now more than ever to work on ourselves and make sure that we are happy and healthy in all aspects of our life. There is so much more to self-care and looking after yourself than simply eating fruits and vegetables and going for a run. It is a lot more complex than that and they’re all different areas that we need to be working on and over the next year. As we are all individuals with different needs and wants, there are different things that we will need to do to look after ourselves and meet our own specific needs. So here are some ideas on things you can start doing this year for yourself to help improve your self-care, self-growth, and your happiness.


Wake, Make, And Hydrate


One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to implement a morning routine. You can add all different things into the type of routine you want in the morning whether that’s to do yoga, meditate or write down your journal and think about what you’re grateful for. However, all of the morning routines that we have should include waking up earlier, making the bed straight away, and hydrating yourself straight away. You can do this by simply setting an earlier alarm each day just by 10 minutes to get to your desired time, making the bed is something so small and takes minutes but will give you a good start to the day. Finally, throughout the night we get dehydrated so waking up and drinking a nice big glass of water is important. You can do this by having a bottle of water next to your bed so you can grab it as soon as you wake up.


Make Sure You Feel Safer


There are a lot of different times in life especially for girls where they don’t feel safe. This could be walking home alone, being alone on public transport and in other areas of life. There are different things you can do to make yourself feel safer you can add an emergency contact on your phone so that when you trigger your emergency SOS they are contacted immediately as well as the authorities, you can also link your phone to your family members or your loved ones so they can see where you are all times to give you peace of mind and you can also look at taking classes to help you like self-defense basics for women. Doing a self-defense class will help you feel stronger prepared and give you a new perspective in certain situations. This can be where they work on your general awareness looking for exit objects around you that can be used as weapons as well as what obstacles there are in place that can be used for hiding. 


Look After Your Head


Whether you add this into your morning routine or just do it at different points for the day, whatever is suitable for you looking to introduce meditation into your life will really help your mental health. You don’t always need to pay for expensive classes for this; some apps are available on your phone which will offer free meditation sessions. Over the last year, mental health issues have only risen so it is important to be proactive with your mental health and practice meditation, and keeping a clear head so that when bad situations arise you’re able to deal with them in a better and calmer way.


Get Yourself Outside More


This doesn’t just have to be for exercise but getting outside more helps your mental health as well as being good for your physical health. It will help you get your 10,000 steps a day, Breath in the fresh air, and help clear your mind. You can do all sorts of things like going for a picnic with friends, go cycling, go on a hike, or even just simply going for a walk each day. Staying inside all day is not healthy for anyone, getting up and active is so important and vital you incorporate it into your daily routine. 


Embrace Your Creativity


As you get older it’s very easy to let life get in the way of your creative passions. Embrace your creativity and include it in your routine that you don’t lose time for it. This could be something simple like painting or drawing to the more complex passions like candlemaking and blogging or vlogging. All these different things are ways for you to embrace your creative flair and they can even be used for prospective jobs in the future and different ways where you can turn your creative passions into an income source.


Have A Clean And Clear Space


Keep your room clean and tidy. This will help you keep a clear head and will be better for your health as you won’t be breathing in dust and dirt. Having a clean and organized space is really good for you and good practice for as you get older and will have your own place. If your room is overcrowded or cluttered, that is the first step you need to take. Go through one section at a time so this could be books, clothes, and trinkets. Keep what you need and want and even give away to charity or throw away anything that you don’t.


Be selfish and use this year for you. Focus on yourself, reduce time on social media and come back more fabulous, grown, and better than ever before. Use this year to educate yourself and read more. You don’t just need to use school and college to teach you things, you can learn things yourself, important things they don’t teach you at school. Set yourself small and realistic goals, things that you can do in a week or a month. You will achieve so much more this way. Smaller goals that are easily achieved get you to the bigger goals.


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