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The Way to Someone’s Heart is Through Food!

Food keeps us alive, it helps us gain strength, and makes us speed through a long day. Food is also a way to bury your feeling and good to eat when watching a beautiful romantic movie. When you’re bored you go to food and normally regret eating it, because you were not hungry, you just needed something to do. If this relates to you here are five delicious, but very nutritious, snacks that can help take away this craving.

1. Fruit

 Find a good fruit that you can replace a bag of chips with… grapes or blueberries are a good example.

2. Turkey Roll Ups

This can be a mix of things… just plain turkey, turkey and pickles, turkey, cucumber strips and a little bit of cream cheese, and you can even add different toppings if you so choose. This gives you a great source of protein and leaves you full and satisfied.

3. Nut Snack Bags

I know if your like me your parents tell you to just buy nuts when you want a snack at the store or gas station, but if you get the right ones you can really end up enjoying them. One of my favorites has a variety of nuts, dark chocolate, cranberries and raisins.

4. String Cheese

This is a classic. It is healthy, a good source of calcium, and vitamin C. It gives you good protein too, which makes you feel full faster. For an easy grab and go, get an individually wrapped one. 

5. Protein Bars

Often very sugary, but if you find the right ones with a high amount of protein they can end up being very good for you. If your like me, you look at the calories per bar and throw it back on the shelf before you can blink again. But, the amount of protein that is in the calories are not a bad thing, so it evens out.

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