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the truth

the truth


tuesday, may 24

21 lives lost in uvalde


friday, may 27

nra rallies for gun rights


“we need it for safety”

“self defense”

“second amendment protects my rights”


where’s that safety when children are killed

when they are defenseless

when they are snatched of their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness


“we care about children”

so we ban abortion


“pro choice is murder”

but school shootings are not?


bulletproof backpacks are sold

but guns will not be banned


“i’m sorry for your loss” tweeted

but the nra funds his political campaign


“i need to be protected”

“in case something happens”


but i’ll ignore the truth

that semi-automatic assault weapons aren’t used for protection



Mahika Natarajan

Hi my name is Mahika! I'm a junior and I enjoy writing and reading a lot. I've been learning Indian classical dance for 10 years now and also play the tabla, an Indian percussion instrument. I love coffee, rainy days and playing with my dog.

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