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The Stay at Home Guide to Becoming Fit During Summer

stay at home workout

Summer is a time for people to be outside swimming or playing sports, but not everyone likes these activities. Some people like to stay indoors with the air conditioning. They can’t be bothered to go outside. They like the indoors where they can watch Youtube videos or Netflix. Maybe they read. Either way, working out isn’t a priority. They don’t want to do it. They just want to laze around and relax, or maybe they don’t think they have time. There are easy things to do to stay in shape and continue whatever they want to do instead.

If working out isn’t your thing then start off small and add the amount you’re comfortable with as you go.

  • The Workout
    • 10 Lunges on each leg
    • 10 Squats
    • 15 Push-ups
    • 15 Crunches
    • 10 Leg Raises
    • 1 minute Plank
    • 15 minutes Jog in place

Working out can be daunting as a beginner, here are some ways to not get discouraged when starting a new workout

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