The Polaroid Project: Session 5

#5: Sadie Imbody

By: Madison Hall

Sadie is a charming, creative 11-year-old who goes to Verner Elementary and is in Mrs.Bentley’s 5th grade class. She has been casted in three productions: Elf, Aladdin, and Peter Pan Jr. She was also accepted into the honors choir at her school. Sadie aspires to continue performing in productions throughout her middle and high school career.

Q: How long have you been interested in the arts?

It all began with dance when I was a little girl. My favorite part about it is dressing up, it makes me feel like I’m this new, shiny person. So from dance I moved on to do Tuscaloosa’s Children theatre. I remember putting on my first costume and smiling so big. Even though costumes are a big part of it, getting to see my parents in the crowd watching and being proud of me is pretty neat, too. So I’ve been doing the arts ever since!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about performing?

Being able to perform at the Bama Theatre is pretty cool. It’s such a big space and getting to rehearse on stage, with costumes, hair all done, you feel like a movie star!!! Especially when the shows are sold out, it’s the coolest thing to see a full crowd there waiting to see something you’ve worked so hard on for a while.

Q: Do you ever get stage fright?

Ha, yes!! It gets pretty scary. Sometimes when me and my friends peek through the curtains, we see all of these people waiting on us. You know, we don’t want to mess up the thing we’ve been working so hard on, or forget a line, or forget to move to the right place, that kind of thing.

Q: How do you get over that?

So we do these group warm-ups which helps a lot! It’s really cool to do those because it reminds you that this entire group, this family, kind of, is about to go in together and help each other no matter what. It reminds you that if you mess up, the person next to you can help you if you get scared or nervous, which is a cool feeling.

Q: What’s been your favorite production so far?

Aladdin!!! Getting to see Aladdin and Jasmine on the magic carpet was really cool. It’s one thing to see stuff like that in the movies, but seeing it in real life, and what it takes to make that thing look like the movies, was really neat. They were able to fly all over the stage, it was crazy. Also, me and my friend, we each got these gigantic wooden camels and we got to pull them down the aisles in the middle of the “Prince Ali” song. It was AWESOME.

Q: Who’s the strongest woman you know?

Mrs.Bently, who is my teacher right now, is the coolest woman I know. She is so fun and really makes learning new things more enjoyable. She’s interactive with all of her students and she shows that women can do great things and teach people new stuff. I’m so lucky that I have her to look up to.

Q: What does success mean to you?

I try really hard to accomplish things in my enrichment class in school. I also think that getting a big role in a production would be really cool. But either way, I think success means trying really hard to accomplish something that you want.


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