The 12 year old singer-songwriter gets a headlining show in Vegas and a million dollars cash

Grace Van Der Waal, the 12 year old singer and songwriter from America’s Got Talent has won the competition. The live announcement came earlier this week. It’s been a really good season for singers on the show.

For winning, VanderWaal receives a headlining show in Las Vegas and one million dollars. Not a bad start to the college fund. She was also reached out to by her heroes Pete Nelson from Treehouse Masters as well as the person Howie Mandel compared her to – fellow singer/songwriter Taylor Swift.

VanderWaal started out the show with the song “I Don’t Know My Name”, and was Mandel’s golden buzzer, which means that VanderWaal was sent right to the live shows from the auditions, skipping many of the cuts beforehand. After winning, Mandel was the first person to give VanderWaal a hug.

Throughout the competition, Grace sang many of her own songs, including her audition, with other songs like “Light the Sky”, “Beautiful Thing”, and her finals performance “Clay”.

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Here’s the performance that won Grace the whole shebang:

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