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    A Place to Land


    no one knows this,

    but I am afraid

    of leaving home


    my whole life

    it has been assumed

    that I would travel far


    pack my bags as soon as

    that diploma hits

    my hands


    and for the majority

    of my life

    I believed it.


    I applied to colleges more than

    a plane ride away,

    explored as many

    far-flung campuses

    as I could get my

    naïve little

    hands on


    struggled to understand

    those that wanted to

    stay close


    questioned those with

    dreams unlike

    my own


    – but now I am



    airplanes feel less like freedom

    and more like


    car rides are a light switch for

    my worries and

    packing bags fill my stomach

    with first date



    my excitement has morphed into

    fear and the

    list of reasons I wanted to get

    away have transformed into

    a recitation of things I am

    scared of


    the money

    the distance

    the travel

    the unknown


    it’s impossible to tell

    if these feelings are

    logic of my mind or

    yearning of my

    weary heart,


    but what I know

    is that I

    will end up



    I just have to trust

    that I will land

    where I’m supposed to



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