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    Rainy Day Essentials to Cure a Dreary Mood

    Although this post is about rainy days, it’s perfect for this quarantine! Or any day when you’re stuck inside.

    For the past two weeks, it seems like everyone everywhere has been in a constant state of bad weather. Dark, dreary weather can be a complete downer, but if you have the perfect rainy day essentials, it’s possible to have comfy, relaxing day indoors.

    A Cozy Blanket

    Rainy weather is the perfect excuse to stay in bed all day; it’s an unspoken rule that nobody is expected to be productive when it’s gloomy outside. Take advantage of it– find your fluffiest blanket, stay in your pajamas all day and enjoy your justified laziness.

    A long, distracting Movie or TV Show

    My personal choices would be How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days or Interstellar. There’s just something more enjoyable about being cuddled up in bed, listening to the patter of raindrops on the windows mixed with the sounds of a good movie.

    A Rainy Day Playlist

    There’s certain music made for rainy days. The comforting voice of Lana del Rey or John Mayer is the audio equivalent to a warm hug.

    An Inviting Candle

    Perfect combinations exist everywhere in life, and a pleasant-smelling candle and a good book is one of them. I have a two specific candles dedicated to rainy days: white chocolate macaroon and caramel latte. Laying in bed, surrounded by candles, makes you feel like you belong in an indie film.

    Lots and Lots of Snacks

    Popcorn. Chocolate. Salty and sweet snacks galore. The saying is that calories don’t count on a rainy day, right? Regardless of whether you believe that or not, snacks are the perfect companion on days like these.

    Your Favorite Book

    After you’re burnt out from watching Netflix or back-to-back movies, reading a book is the next popular rainy day activity. Besides, when was the last time you’ve had an excuse to read? Curling up with a good book in your candle-lit room is an instant relaxation method.

    Rainy days can be a drag, but with these essentials, they can also be the ideal break from the bustle of everyday life. Next time you’re stuck indoors due to weather, spend the day exploring some of these relaxing rainy day remedies.