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    Make Your Summer Picnic Extra Fun With These 3 Ideas

    fun summer picnic ideas

    The school year is coming to an end, and summer is just around the corner. You finally have some spare time to spend with family and friends, so why not have a picnic! Listed below are three ways to make your experience extra special, Instagram-worthy, and filled with memories.

    1. Rainbow Picnic

    I first saw the Rainbow Picnic trend a while back on social media and loved the idea. A Rainbow Picnic can be done in two different ways depending on how many people will be attending the picnic.

    a.  For 5+ people

    First, you must gather a group of friends and assign a color of the rainbow to each person. After being given a color, everyone must purchase foods of that specific color and bring them to the picnic. For example, if I was chosen for Red, I could bring strawberries, Swedish Fish, fruit punch, etc. At the end, everyone shares what they bought, forming the colors of the rainbow! 

    b.  For fewer people

    Everyone coming to the picnic must purchase one food item of every color of the rainbow. During the meet-up, each person shouts a color at a time, and everyone displays the item they bought that correlates with the color shouted. Not every color of the rainbow has to be used, but the picnic should end up colorful either way! 

    2. Picnics and Paintings 

    Having the opportunity to paint outside during a hot summer day is a wonderful feeling! This activity is particularly perfect for picnics where a large attendance isn’t necessary. Materials needed include paintbrushes, a timer, canvases, and pastel paints. To start the activity, everyone is given their own canvas and paint materials. Set a timer for 7 or so minutes and begin painting! After the timer rings, everyone switches paintings with the person on the left, and the timer is set again. At the end of the activity, everyone should have added to each other’s paintings, creating fun and unique artworks that can be kept as souvenirs.  

    3. Aesthetic Picnic

    This picnic idea is for girls looking for the perfect summer photos to post on their profiles. The entire picnic has a theme running through it, with specific clothing items, food, and a location deemed beforehand. For example, for a fairytale-themed picnic, the location could be a park or field with everyone wearing cottagecore dresses. After eating, everyone gathers together for a mini photoshoot, ending the aesthetically pleasing day with camera rolls that capture the mood.


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