This Simplified Morning Routine is Everything!

Updated 06/09/2023

A Sleepy Girl’s Simplified Morning Routine

Look Fresh in Half the Time

Sometimes that additional five minutes of sleep can make or break your day.

However, indulging in extra sleep can throw off the entire morning. For example, five extra minutes of sleep means five minutes less of morning routine.

Although that extra sleep took time, your appearance doesn’t have to suffer. Investing in a few time-saving products will get you out the door in half your regular time. You deserve a well-rested and put-together look. Regardless if it is an illusion.

The first product to streamline your morning routine is dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is the holy grail of hair products. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just come from the gym or simply haven’t washed your hair in a few days. Dry shampoo will leave your hair looking fresh and clean.

In addition to dry shampoo, here is a tip I’ve learned from years of hair trial-and-error.

If you have time for a quick shower the night before, sleeping in a bun then blow drying your hair for less than a minute creates quick volume and waves.

Another product I swear by is BB Cream.

There are multiple types and brands of BB Cream. In my opinion, a tinted BB Cream is best because the coverage is equivalent to a heavier foundation. If you are running short on time, do not stress! BB Cream and a well-moisturized face is all you need!

Understandably, the no-makeup look isn’t for everyone.

Whenever you’re running late, a little bit of makeup can go a long way. BB Cream, tinted lip balm, and a touch of mascara create a natural makeup look with minimal effort.

Lastly, decide on the next day’s outfit on the night before. Doing this saves much needed morning time.

Your typical morning routine doesn’t have to be a give-and-take. Ruling out extra sleep to look good the next day is unnecessary. By integrating key products in your daily routine, you’ll be ready to take on the day with time to spare.

Products Recommended By Me:
Dry Shampoo
BB cream
Tinted Chapstick

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