Self Care Tips

Self Care Tips

It’s been a long day. No, actually it’s been a long week you think to yourself. but out loud just say “good” through a mouth of brownie and shuffle off to solve algebra problems you’ll never use again.

“You look tired,” your best friend eyes you when you straggle into school with dark circles under your eyes. You snap at her because you accuse her of underhandedly saying you look bad, but you know you are tired and you’re only snapping at her because you stayed up all night dwelling on why Jake never texted you back.

You open your planner later that night and nearly fall out of your chair when you realize it’s only Tuesday.  You’re not even over the hill for the week. The stupid Hump Day commercial jingle taunts you as you slump in your desk, annoyed that the week has just grazed the surface and you face another 3 days. With your head in your hands, you realize you’re exhausted and nearing your mental breaking point. Your physical breaking point has already been reached, as that little pimple on your cheek pulses under your fingers that your forehead is buried in. You’re one snarky comment from your brother away from a breakdown that is one part hormones and all other parts stress.

It’s time to put aside your planner and phone – it’s time to give yourself a little R&R. If you’re at a loss on how to decompress, here are some options that’ll help you find your zen:

  1. Try yoga. Try mediation. Try lying on your back and listening to Jack Johnson or slow John Mayer. Do anything that mellows you out in the mindfulness department.
  2. Sleep! This seems like a no-brainer, but seriously put aside responsibilities, crank on the fan and wrap yourself up in your most comfy quilt. Sometimes being well rested out weighs piano practice.
  3. Go on a run. Now don’t add this to your to-do list if it does more harm than good for your anxiety, but sometimes a brisk jog will give your body a jumpstart to release a kind of high that won’t get you arrested.
  4. Read a book that has nothing to do with school. Indulge yourself by sinking into a bathtub and cracking open that Barnes & Noble purchase you’ve neglected for the required Great Gatsby reading for English
  5. Put on a face mask or force your sister to paint your nails. Shave your legs or throw a bath bomb in the tub. Do whatever makes you feel pretty, clean and smelling like a cupcake.
  6. Stop being a slave to your Instagram notifications and that stupid boy that left you on read to play fortnite: Turn your phone on airplane mode for a whole night and finally talk to your mom about what a hard week you’ve have.


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