3 Easy Self-Care Reads


Making sure to take care of yourself is important for everyone. These books are an easy route to self-support. There are many books that consist of the road to self-recovery. Such as tips for oneself and ways to find comfort. These three books are some of my favorites that cover these topics. It is so important to take time for yourself. Reading these books might be a helpful way to feel better.

Eat Your Peas by Cheryl Karpen

The beginning of the book is set up as if it has been gifted to you. However, the messages within the book are important. Only a few sentences a page, the small book has little encouraging messages that can go a long way when needed. Just reading a page a day can put a new perspective on your day. Its central theme is encouraging the little, positive things in life as small as eating your peas.

Sloth Philosophy by Jennifer McCartney

Sloths as we all know and love them are very slow-moving creatures that don’t mind slowing down for a while. This book is written for you to embrace the lives of the sloths for a while. Sometimes the best thing for taking care of ourselves is just slowing down the craziness in life and taking extra time for things like sleeping, bathing, and hanging out on the couch. This book has little chapters and can make you feel some comfort in knowing it is okay every now and then to be a little sluggish because of look at how the sloths are doing- just great! Taking time to cherish little things that this book reminds you of the key parts in taking care of yourself.

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

A very popular book and movie that narrates the author’s journey across the world in self-healing. The book tells about some upsetting events that happened in Gilbert’s life that led her to a great state of depression, but after she decided to go on the trip by herself, her life was turned around. Although not all of us are going to be able to go across the world for a year, the book is inspiring to find things to help you move forward and release the things not letting you move forward. Gilbert writes in a charming manner that makes the book easier to read, and the chapters are usually on the shorter side. Hopefully, the book is inspiring to say it is okay to step back and take care of yourself no matter where it leads you. 

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