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Scream- Movie Review

*Spoiler Warning*


The Plot

Scream is a horror movie about a masked killer who terrorizes a town called Woodsboro. The killer, named Ghostface, usually stabs his victims after taunting them on a phone call. It is later revealed that Ghostface is trying to target high schooler Sidney Prescott.

One year ago, Sidney’s mother was murdered and now she is trying to figure out who did it before she is killed. One by one, the killer continues to murder her friends. Before the body count rises, Sidney needed to figure out who Ghostface is and why he is murdering these people. 

At the end, it is revealed that her boyfriend, Billy and his friend Stu were the killers. The two were motivated by Sidney’s mother having an affair with Billy’s father, causing his parents to divorce.

My Review

I have always been a fan of the Scream franchise and have just recently watched Scream 6 in theaters. My favorite thing about Scream is that it makes fun of other slasher and thriller movies while also being one. Even though it is considered a horror movie, it manages to incorporate a lot of tough themes, and criticizes the media and Hollywood for profiting from trauma.

I love the character Sidney Prescott. Instead of being the victim, Sidney is a strong character who never gives up, no matter how many times the killer returns. While it isn’t considered a feminist film, Scream does have a strong female protagonist who isn’t helpless. 

I personally like the first movie because it is a classic. However, each film does get better than the last, and the murders become even more brutal. In each film, the killer is a new person with some motive connecting to the original killings. Scream 5 has been sort of a reboot of the franchise. While Sidney and other former characters appear, the new focus is on Sam, Billy’s secret daughter.

Scream was considered a critical and commercial success, as it has led to five other movies and a tv show. The blend of suspense, commentary, and humor has made it one of the best horror films. 


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