School Wear Fashion Trends

School Wear Fashion Trends

In school, there is usually air conditioning, so you want to keep warm but look cute at the same time. The first outfit is going to be a cute beanie hat, a warm but nice sweater with some black jeans, and boots.

The second outfit is going to be a cute summer outfit for those girls who live in warmer areas. First is the top, and, if you’re in warm weather, you want to wear a T-shirt or a jumpsuit. For your bottom, you would want to wear shorts depending on if you get sweaty easily. If not, then you can wear pants or a skirt. And for shoes, sneakers or sandals.

For hairstyles, if you’re in a winter area, then you can do hairstyles that would usually make you hot. The first hairstyle is a French braid, they’re cute and won’t make you too hot. Next is the hair down and curled, which is nice for a party or religious service. Last is the hair down and straightened.

Now we can do summer area hairstyles. In the summer, it’s hot, and most people don’t want a bunch of hair hanging down on them, so here are some styles that are cute and will keep you cool. The first one is a ponytail; many people can just pull their hair up into a ponytail if they are busy working or exercising so they won’t get extra sweaty. Or, you could do a bun–a messy bun or a ballerina bun so that you won’t have so much hair on your neck.

The last tip is to try and get a backpack that matches with most of your clothes, or a solid color that goes well with everything.

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