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Remedies and Tips to Counteract your End of Semester Stress!

Remedies and Tips

Three Simple Tips that guarantee a break from School-Related Stress

Whether it’s trying to finish a group project or grinding all night long in order to meet a paper deadline – school can be an extremely stressful time for the majority of students. However, there are many fun and easy remedies and tips to try that can counteract the inevitable end of semester stress.

Remedies & Tips – #1

Breathe, breathe, breathe!

Yoga and meditation are a thing for a reason. Whenever you start to feel stressed, STOP and take a deep breath or go through a few yoga positions. If you have trouble making yourself do this, download a yoga app or print out breathing techniques. These things extra steps will help remind you about the importance of breathing through stressful times. 

Remedies & Tips – #2

Pick up a new hobby that you KNOW you will enjoy. This new hobby could be a new instrument, running, photography, yoga, drawing, or basically anything that will allow you to have a break from school, while still engaging it with something a little more enjoyable. This new hobby will allow you to take breaks from your work while still working at something a little more enjoyable. 

Remedies & Tips – #3

Lastly, take fun breaks! We know that sometimes all you need is a moment to stop learning and do something enjoyable, like watching an episode of your favorite tv show on Netflix or playing fifteen minutes of a video game. Although these activities seemingly lack educational value, they allow students to rest and reset, which is vital to the learning process. 

Sometimes we all need a reminder that we are still children, no matter where you are in the learning process. Remember, perfect is never attainable. We, as students, can and should try our hardest, but do not let the stress of school consume your life. But, in your inevitable times of stress, use these three tips to ease your nerves!


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Emma Lembke is a student at the Altamont School and a member of the Springboaders teen leadership group of GirlSpring.

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