Best Starbucks Drinks for Hot Summer Days

Cool Drinks that Beat the Heat

The Best Starbucks Drinks for any hot day!

1.Iced Caramel Cloud Macchiato

This is a new item and I am obsessed with these. Perfect for a nice treat on a beautiful day!

Best Starbucks

2. Starbucks Strawberry Refresher with Lemonade

These are so delicious… With the real berries inside it’s perfect for a hot day.

Best Starbucks

3. Starbucks Doubleshot on ice with Almond Milk and 2 pumps of Vanilla Syrup

This is my new go-to! I like my coffee pretty strong so this is the perfect drink because it has a tiny bit of milk and a little bit of syrup.

Best Starbucks

4. Matcha Frappuccino

I love matcha…so matcha in frappuccino is something I definitely reserve for my cheat days!

Best starbucks

5. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

These are so good and it is so different from plain cold brew…it has a different taste and the sweet cream makes it taste so good!

Best Starbucks

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