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Redecorating Your Bedroom to Suit Your Style

Redecorating Your Bedroom to Suit Your Style

Your room is your space where you take time for yourself, unwind, relax and study. You spend a lot of time in here, you sleep in here, you eat in here, maybe sometimes you even cry in here. It’s your safe space and your haven away from your parents. This is where the magic happens as you grow into the person you want to be. That’s why it is essential that this space reflects you, and you have the perfect spot to show off to your friends. Follow these steps to make sure you create the best space for you.

Colours and Themes

You can tell a lot about a person from their bedroom and the first thing you notice when you walk into your new friend’s room is the colour. Are you a pretty in pink kind of girl, or are cool and calm pastels more your sort of thing? Or are you brave and bold with emerald and gold? Whatever your vibe, make sure it brings you that warm fuzzy cosy feeling when you see it every morning, setting you up for a great day at school every day. Feature walls are back on trend, so why not pick your favourite floral pattern out for a chic and sophisticated look? Once your walls are perfect for you, make sure you have flooring to suit your style too. Take a look on to find the perfect stylish stair runners that match your bedroom colours and lead you into your room like a movie star on the red carpet!

Bedding and Furniture

Now you know your themes and colours, your bedding needs to match. Choose a different colour to your walls to make your bed stand out. And, of course, no bed is complete without cushions of all shapes, sizes and fluffiness perfectly arranged for maximum comfort! Throw on a blanket or two and you’re ready to have your best friend over for the comfiest sleepover. Next, furniture. There’s no use throwing any old piece in! Bedside tables, vanity units and wardrobes all have to match. Go for a classic white or rustic wood, whatever keeps in line with your theme and colours. Pink and white are always a safe favourite, but be adventurous and choose what you like!

Personal Touches

This is where you really get free rein on design and style. There are endless possibilities on how to fill your new roomwith useful, and some not so useful, bits and bobs. Is there a funky neon light you’ve seen that would look brilliant above your bed? Maybe you have always wanted a bean bag and there’s the perfect space for it next to the wardrobe. Bring in those fluffy lampshades and fairy lights to create your own personal wonderland. With lots of little touches you can create your room into that perfect haven, your friends will be desperate to come and hang out at yours!

Your bedroom should reflect you and your style. Make sure to give it your personal touch and create a cosy and comforting space that you never want to leave!

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