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Poetry from the Desert Island Supply Company

Our partners at Desert Island Supply Company in Woodlawn work with students in the Woodlawn area of Birmingham, Alabama, to create a book of poetry that they feel reflects the students best work. To learn more about DISCO, click here,

I Want to Go to Sleep
by Paloma R.

I am tired as a baby

playing all day.

I am mad as a huge storm,

ready to sleep.

When the storm goes away

a dancing rainbow will appear.

The sun has a smile so bright

you can cook on the sidewalk.

A box of crayons has jumped

to the edge of the Earth.

Now the sky is as dark as

the dark navy blue water at sea.

Stars shine as glitter on artwork.

Now the tired baby can go to sleep,

ready for the next morning

when the slice of cheese goes away

and a smile of sunshine peeks

through my window.

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