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Poem: To Form a World Anew

Selective focus leaves falling

Bounteous country wind that brushes my skin
Oh to which leaves my hair desperately askew
Let the seasons retreat and build again
To form a world anew

Sap and slithering serpentine that
Wriggle anon in summer heat
Bounds of grass and greenery set before
An Autumnal time to where frost seeks

Summer so longed will soon be dreaded with
It’s too hot!
And when a season shifts and autumn creeps
Shall be met with
The trees are yet to frost!

Yet not another season so weatherèd intolerable
Should an autumn day be named
A crisp brown leaf to fall on the ground
Intriguing, frostbitten
Should remind me then I may need mittens
And staying in should lead one to gain
A girthy winter pound

But when country wind brushes the skin
And leaves my hair desperately askew
I feel as if I haven’t experienced an Autumn day in all such lifetime
To form a weather that feels resoundly new

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  • Mary Cate Cone

    This is so great!

    November 5, 2022 at 3:54 pm
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