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Poem: The Space I Take Up


i am water.

cascading / ebbing / flowing / rippling


my body is not

a straight line-

but the ocean was never

designed to be straight.


my legs don’t always 

have space between them,

but even the ocean is not

always kissing the shore. 


i don’t know why,

when i think

of myself, 

i always come back

to the ocean


but just as

the tide relentlessly insists

on coming back

to the shore,


i continue returning

to this metaphor.


i am

the ocean.


i swell. and

i shrink.



does the ocean 


for the space it consumes?


if so, i

have never heard it. 


has the sun ever

refused to shine

on the surface of the



maybe, but

not in my presence.


so i continue

bringing myself

into the light.


i deserve to be seen.

in my ebbs and

my flows.


i deserve to be seen.

even when my mind

tells me differently. 


i deserve to be seen.

despite my tendency

to seek the background.



maybe this is why

i always run home 

to the sea.


after all,

how can one

quantify the ocean?


how can one measure,



this global body

of raging water?


if i don’t have to explain

the ocean,

i don’t have to explain 



for as long as the ocean

continues to take up



so will i.

marin poleshek

hi! my name is marin, and i am a rising senior at homewood high school. i love to read, write, run, bake, and hike. my favorite color is forest green, and i am currently obsessed with waffles and ranch fries 🙂

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