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Poem: Special

You dance as if the carpet is red

Ignoring the beige speckled with ground coffee stains


As your fingers flutter through the staleness of this tomorrow,

you think back to doing the hula on a stage when you were merely six


Maybe the reason you quit dance was that young you was still too wild to tame,

or possibly if you decide to face the truth, you just weren’t good enough


You’re laughing. 


It’s because you think of yourself as special

even though you only write about growing pains like the rest of them 


There are a million carbon copies of you all twirling 

between the specks of dust that linger here, between the weaved connections of motion 


You’re laughing again.


You were going to be something bigger than life

It’s a silly thought to consider that maybe life was bigger than you


But then again, some thoughts were made to be childish,

and some people were made to dissipate before they made it out of high school 


Name: Kailin/Banshee Pronouns: She/They/He

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