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Beyond the Storm

Beyond the Storm Poem

In the shadows of despair, I sail,

Through a never-ending storm, I wail.

Constant sadness, a relentless tide,

Wearing me down, where hope subsides.

Tough waves crash, my little boat tossed,

In this cyclone of depression, I’m hopelessly lost.

Steering alone through the tempest’s roar,

I’m all alone, despair pounding at my core.


A point in going, I fail to see,

As everyone prays for my destiny.

Waiting for me to sink, in the dark,

A relentless storm, an endless, biting stark.


Yet, in this monochrome sea, a glimmer breaks through,

As lightning reveals a shore past the horizon’s view.

In the echoes of hope, I’ll forge my way,

To a brighter dawn, a sunlit day.


The storm may linger, relentless and cold,

But within me blooms a tale, silently bold.

For every raindrop that falls, a seed is sown,

In the storm’s chaos, a strength is grown.


Beyond the thunder, beyond the squall,

I’ll find my way, rise above it all.

No helping hand extends, no savior in sight,

Yet, I’ll be my own anchor, my own guiding light.


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