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Poem: Self-Sabotage by Caitlin Boos

Self-Sabotage by Caitlin Boos

Your voice rings through the telephone,

“Tonight, we’re both alone”.

I know if we meet, I’d fall apart-

You only call when you crave shattering hearts.

I am witless when under your sacred spell,

So in an instant I’m in your passenger’s seat.

We’re foolishly speeding down empty streets,

And I know I’m going straight to hell.

The bitter tequila makes numb my tongue,

As you scream out the window, “Forever young!”

I glance over at you with gleaming eyes,

Choking out through giggles, “My god you’re dumb.”

I’ve been here many times, I know it’s wrong,

But as we’re poorly mumbling through a low-fi song,

My unbridled adoration begins to show,

So, I ignore my mind’s warnings and fully let go.

We carelessly run red lights all night;

I grow increasingly blind to your façade.

Your plastic promises please my senses-

Encouraging me to trust you like a god.

Your lips then part to suckle my skin,

I exhale the last of my sensical thoughts.

The passion which pulses upon your fingers,

Is superior to my objections and whatnot.

Your love is a lie and your arms aren’t a home;

I know in the morning I’ll think to myself,

“Fuck, I need to disconnect the telephone.”

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