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Poem: Lonely

An abandoned house

I remember when I used to hold parties, 

the annual family Thanksgiving dinner, and 

I still remember the first time 

They came home with her new baby sister.


Oh, it couldn’t have been better. 

The perfect family picked me and not any other house. 

I was different, I didn’t have red bricks and my backyard was huge.


The kids played in it all day, until they started elementary school. 

I watched the kids grow up while I stayed the same. 

And then it was, the last one finally graduated highschool.


Everyone left me. 

They all moved onto bigger things but I stayed here. 

The parents retired and moved down to an apartment complex. 

I was lonely.


I sat there silently, no one ever drove up to my driveway again 

and I didn’t ever see a “for sale” sign in my front yard.

I felt lost, but I knew the time I spent with them will hold memories 

In my heart forever.

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