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Poem: Introvert

Silhouette of a Girl

Introverts are always misjudged

People think that we hate everyone

Or that we are just depressed inside

It never crossed their mind that we just might not want to socialize

I feel like being an introvert is more complicated than being an extrovert

Because you can’t explain it

Sometimes I feel like I can socialize for hours 

Then I actually have to socialize

My family calls it a battery

When the battery is full you can socialize

When it is low you really just want to go home

And it is hard sometimes

When you have friends who don’t get what it is like

I love my friends

I do it’s just that…

They expect me to be happy and smiley all the time

And they expect me to wanted to know everyone’s birthdays and names

I don’t!

I couldn’t care less about those people

And it isn’t just the people you know

It is the world

They show they bright and happy people as the good guys

And they closed off and antisocial people as the bad guys

The world wants everyone to know everyone

But not everyone is like that

And we don’t have to be

We can have our me time

We can just stay inside all day if we want

And if people don’t like that

Or if they don’t understand it 

Then that is their problem not ours

Because we shouldn’t have to change ourselves for others

We shouldn’t have to do things that we don’t find fun

We should be able to be our introverted selves

And people should learn to love us for it


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