Poem: Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Moving on and thinking forward,
Extending previous set borders,
Still women are left behind,
Equality continuously declined,

Women had to fight for the right to vote,
Men thought they were superior enough to gloat,
But the tables are turning, and we are breaking the glass ceiling,
Making a mark in new industries is a revolutionary feeling,

Centuries ago women were completely clothed,
Now we try to be stylish and respected, even when exposed,
The way things change over time is often ironic,
But clothed or unclothed, women continue to raise bars and be iconic,

There is still so much that needs to be done,
Actions and movements towards being as one,
It may take years, days or hours,
But as women we will continue to be empowered,

Sexualized, objectified and mistreated historically,
Just a piece of property, metaphorically,
Society judges us on what is wrong or right,
But we push our limits and continue to fight,
The goal is justice and us women, we unite.

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