Cat Calling

One day , minding my own business, I am walking down the halls of my school, where I should feel safe, and boys start making mocking comments about me and my appearance. Or how about this time, I am walking with my friends in a shirt and shorts down to the football field to get ready for the game. The entire football team walks by, the one day I decide to actually try to look okay. All I hear is people telling my “wow girl your butt is nice”, or how about “oh can we take this somewhere more private”. None of these are okay. It doesn’t make a girl feel good to be walking around and here comments on how curvy she is.
Make sure you take into account I’m only fourteen, I’m a freshman in high school, in the marching band. My best friend was dressed very nice to go out with some friends to the movies where grown men started commenting on her and one man even attempted to touch her, when one of my other friends stepped in to help. For some reason, the boys that cat call women seem to think that women are property, that they are nothing more than a mere object up for show. Women are not something to take for granted. Women have power and it’s time that these little boys start treating women with respect. I know guys who would give worlds to women, who treat these women with complete and udder respect.
I know when guys are hanging with their friends it’s going to seem cool to just hit on this girl. That makes you seem like a man around your friends. But in actuality the real men treat women with respect whether they are around their friends or not. A little boy brags about how many girls he has been with in a week, but a real man brags that he kept his girl for years.
When these little boys are talking inappropriately about a girl and making mean comments they don’t really realize that the petty comments they are making actually affect our lives. When it happened to me the first time, I wanted to crawl in a little ball and cry. I got cat called around my friends. They were oohing and awing, but I don’t want these petty little boys to talk to me because I’m curvy or I’m pretty, I want to be talked to because they think my personality is great. There is nothing wrong with talking to people to get to know them, but when you embarrass them in front of their friends it’s very inappropriate.

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