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Poem: Becoming Secure

Confident and Serene Woman

I am a cake that is sliced down the middle

Unfortunately, I have no clue who ate the middle slice

I am a cake that is full of flavor, full of moisture, full of life

I am a cake that does not have icing or a cherry on top

I am cake that I feel that no one has a desire to have

But little do I know, I am the cake that no one can afford

I am extraordinarily different

I am a cake that does not sit in line with other cakes

I am a cake that does not have the want to fit in anymore

Because I am a jewel

I am a one in a million

I am beautiful

I am clearly made to be this for a reason

Not for a season 

I may seem decent because its hard to identify the golden cakes from the outside

Because the gourmands don’t look on the inside

Rachel Ari

Hi, I am Rachel Ari. I am an interviewer and writer for GirlSpring that enjoys laughing and hanging with friends. I am currently a sophomore in high school that looks forward to flourishing as I continue my journey through high school as a Springboarder.

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